"The Technique™ is a series of artistic practices.  They can be utilized by all content creators: directors, writers, actors, producers, cinematographer’s, editors. It's here to  support 21st-century storytelling."

- Joan Scheckel, creator of The Technique™

What is it?

BRAND NEW! 4 Part Self-Guided Study Program, consisting of 4 core Labs!

Artists of all disciplines need a rigorous artistic practice. 

A foundation for their creativity to flourish. 

The Technique™ was created to give you just that.  And here is where to start.


Study the building blocks of The Technique™ and create the stories you want to give to the world. 

Get to your Goal with THE CORE TOOLKIT which includes the following 4 courses (click on the embedded links below to learn more):

  1. ACTION: Self-Guided
  2. JOURNEY: Self-Guided
  3. EPISODIC: Self-Guided
  4. SCENE STUDY: Self-Guided

Benefits of TOOLKITS

  • Save big on Tuition! 
  • The Labs in the Toolkit are Self-Guided (learn more about the Self-Guided experience HERE)
  • Enjoy extended access to the entire Program!
  • Activate and pause access as best suits your needs.
  • If you want to swap any of these Self-Guided Labs for a Live Lab of the same type, email us and we can give you options that'll best suit your needs.