What is Self-Guided Study?

We all have busy lives and schedules. 

This shouldn't hinder your ability to study The Lab Series.

Here at JSFL, we have curated footage from Live Labs, along with detailed Lab Outlines, and put them together to create the Self-Guided Experience.

Multiple Views

Gallery View & Speaker View

All Self-Guided Labs have multiple views, giving you options for your viewing experience.

Lab Study Materials

Curriculum to support your study

Our platform on Thinkific provides a clear, easy to navigate course outline, giving you step by step instruction through each Lab.

Experience the Benefits of
Self-Guided Study!

  • One full month of access to the Lab
  • Revisit concepts to deepen your understanding
  • Take each Lab from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the World
  • Study at your own pace and timeframe

What Students Have to Say!

"I had previously taken a Live Hands-On Lab and a Live - Online Lab and I was completely blown away by Joan's way of working. I wanted to continue studying with her, but my super busy schedule wouldn't fit with any of the upcoming Live Labs, especially due to the time-difference (I'm based in Europe). I decided to sign up for a self-guided Lab. And I'm thrilled I did! I had access to the same quality content for a full month and I could tailor the progress of my learning to whenever I could find time, here and there. I could pause and replay at any time I would need further understanding and this allowed me to let the concepts land in a much deeper way.....the freedom of continuous learning at your own pace." - Patricia, Alum '22

"I took Journey lab as "self-guided" shortly before participating in her Write Your Journey self-guided lab. Taking labs as self guided help deepen my understanding of pillars of The Technique™ and give me considerable momentum going into the next lab.... self-guided labs online work perfectly for my schedule, and provide helpful opportunities to re-visit the lab coursework online while it’s still fresh and top of mind."
-David, Alum '22

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