Learn the secrets to creating masterful EPISODIC structures using The Technique behind the success of Emmy Award Winning Transparent, Unorthodox, Emmy Award Nominee Dead To Me, Peabody Award Winning UnREAL, I Love Dick and the hit TV show Ana. Discover how to structure your story over multiple episodes of ANY length and create a compelling, authentic series of your own! Your EPISODIC is no longer hemmed in by the traditional notions of comedy or drama, half hour or hour, commercial breaks, a stories, b stories, stereotypical heroes, likable characters and hopeful endings. So what’s YOUR story? How are you changing the cultural narrative by bringing your own story to the screen?


In these Labs, you will learn how to: 

  1. Use meaning, action and feeling to create compelling episodic structures that are uniquely your own
  2. Define the emotional core of your story in simple, actionable terms
  3. Use Overall Actions to structure a meaningful plot
  4. Craft ensemble scripts with equally strong arcs for every character
  5. Create a compelling journey that breaks out over multiple episodes
  6. Think outside of outmoded industry standards and create the content of TODAY


Past JSFL alums have gone on to work on today's cutting-edge hits such as Lovecraft Country, Queen Sugar, Greenleaf, Mrs. America, Sharp Objects, Russian Doll, Watchmen, The Great, Big Little Lies, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Council of Dads, Star, When They See Us, Dear White People, You're the Worst, Killing Eve, Sorry for Your Loss, Shrill, Glow, Defiant Ones, Silicon Valley, and many more. 

The singular voices of these artists are transforming Hollywood today, and so can you!


Day 1: Meaning

The first night of the Lab provides an overview of the paradigm-shifting philosophy and structural tools behind The Technique. Then, explore how these tools are used to build masterful episodic structures. The first night reveals: 

  1. The foundational elements of The Technique
  2. The 5 Table Legs 
  3. The 3 Basic Working Principles
  4. The Nugget (Meaning) that underpins the Emmy Award-Winning Transparent, Season 1


Use this info to:

  1. Rethink the “rules” of narrative structure
  2. Put the meaning of your story in simple, gettable, actionable terms 
  3. Understand how meaning is embodied on the levels of the mise-en-scène germane to Transparent, Season 1


Day 2: Action 

Day 2 takes a deep dive into the core tools you need to structure your EPISODIC and then reveals exactly how these tools were used in Transparent, Season 1. In this class, you’ll learn:

  1. What an Overall Action is and how it drives your story
  2. How to find Overall Actions that are based on meaning, not conflict
  3. How to combine Overall Actions and meaning to unleash powerful, authentic scenes
  4. How to deepen your story through the use of Inner and Outer Obstacles
  5. How exactly meaning, Overall Actions, and Obstacles were used to structure Transparent, Season 1


Use this info to:

  1. Create multi-character narratives with equally compelling storylines
  2. Free yourself from the typical antagonist/protagonist conflict-based models
  3. Create unforgettable, meaningful stories you can FEEL


Day 3: Journey

Put it all together! Day 3 reveals how to map the journey of your EPISODIC in 5 emotional beats. Discover how to:

  1. Use the tool of emotional logic to craft the arc of your series
  2. Understand the relationship between feeling, rhythm, pace, and journey
  3. Craft profound transformations for your characters and your audience
  4. Understand the 5 emotional beats used to craft Transparent, Season 1


Use this info to:

  1. Think outside of the hero’s journey box
  2. Write episodes of any length
  3. Craft a compelling series that reveals the inner lives of your characters


EPISODIC is a deep dive into profound structures that really sing. Critical for creators and executives looking to break form and MAKE CHANGE!


Day 4: Online Q & A

After the weekend intensive, a Monday night Q&A via Zoom allows you to slow down and integrate the learning. This lively night is always full of surprises as you connect with yourselves, each other, and the work! 

  1. Recap all the new tools the Lab has delivered
  2. Ground as a group (both Hands On and Live Online students have a chance to meet in the Zoom Room!)
  3. Watch the students ask Joan their burning questions



  1. Rigorous professional upleveling
  2. Focused, deep dive on the core tools that brings structure to your seriesEPISODIC
  3. Lecture and physical based curriculum support integration and insight
  4. Online Labs allow the opportunity to study on your own schedule, and at your own pace
  5. Access to media links for one full month
  6. Connect with your JSFL Alumni Community Network through Slack, Happy Hours, Generators, Mega Generators and Weekly Ongoing Classes! Practice the tools you are learning, and workshop your material with talented, open hearted, and like-minded creatives
  7. Build a vibrant creative community that holds space and inspires each other
  8. Dynamic, personalized, interactive experiences with your colleagues allow you to practice the tools you are learning, and apply them to your own work


Online. Anytime. Anywhere.


The Tuition per participant is: $1,625

We love teams that want to take the Lab together, because working as a team gets everyone on the same page and that is key to keeping your shoots on time and under budget! Should you choose to study with your team, please note the tuition price is per participant, not per group. We offer group incentives - email us to inquire!

  1. You may pay by credit card.
  2. Payment Plans are available.


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