"Joan's approach to directing is whole body, whole brain, whole heart!  If I can bring even part of the authority and inspiration she teaches to set - the entire process will be better and more fulfilling for all. Joan changed my life."

- Marti Noxon, Writer/Producer

What is it?

BRAND NEW! 5 Part Self-Guided Study Program, consisting of 2 core Labs and 3 groundbreaking Directing Labs!

Do you want to learn how to prep a script to shoot?

Do you want to learn how to run a set confidently and efficiently?

Do you feel confident with camera, but are unsure how to work with actors?

We've got Tools for that.  We're so glad you are here. 


Prep and Direct YOUR hit. 

Get to your Goal with DIRECT YOUR HIT TOOLKIT which includes the following 5 courses (click on the embedded links below to learn more):

  1. ACTION: Self-Guided
  2. JOURNEY: Self-Guided
  4. DIRECTING ACTION: Self-Guided

Benefits of TOOLKITS

  • Save big on Tuition!
  • The Labs in the Toolkit are Self-Guided (learn more about the Self-Guided experience HERE)
  • Enjoy extended access to course materials!
  • Activate and pause access as best suits your needs.
  • If you want to swap any of these Self-Guided Labs for a Live Lab of the same type, email us and we can give you options that'll best suit your needs.