A JSFL Study Program to Structure Your Script.

You're an Actor who wants to better understand Story Structure.

You're a Director who wants to make a script their own. 

You're a Producer who wants to up their game at developing material.

You're a Writer who wants to think about Story in a new way. 

This is where the Action Module comes in, with over 115 hours of course material.


Click on the links below to read more about each Lab

  1. ACTION: Self-Guided
  2. PLOT: Self-Guided
  3. OVERALL ACTION: Self-Guided
  4. INNER OBSTACLE: Self-Guided
  6. NUGGET 1: Self-Guided
  7. NUGGET 2: Self-Guided
  8. BEATS 1: THE CLASSICS: Self-Guided
  9. BEATS 2: UNCLE VANYA Pt. 1: Self-Guided
  10. BEATS 3: UNCLE VANYA Pt. 2: Self-Guided

*ACTION Lab is taking place Live in Los Angeles in 2024. Dive in Live at a reduced rate!


Each of the Labs in this Module have been carefully curated to work together like a lego set - each one building on the tools that were learned in the one before. By the time you have completed this Module, you will have a grasp of Story and the key to it's structure in a way that is vibrant, authentic, 100% YOU. 


  • 1. ACTION

    Discover how to put Meaning at the center of your Story! This Lab lays out the foundation of The Technique™ and introduces you to three of its fundamental tools: ACTION, NUGGET and BEATS!

  • 2. PLOT

    Plot reveals the core storytelling tool essential to The Technique™: Plot Points. Slow down and go deep with Plot itself, learn exactly what Plot is, and how to structure your story in a clear, compelling way that lands not just in the mind, but in the heart.

  • 3.

    Now it's time to take a pit stop and deep dive into two key concepts of The Technique™. Aristotle calls Overall Action “the genius of the Poet” - this Lab is a deep dive that reveals how to create gettable, actionable Overall Actions that drive your stories forward and bring them unforgettably to life! Inner Obstacle Lab takes you through the exploration of how Nugget, Overall Actions, Inner & Outer Obstacles and Beats all work together to inform rewrites and plot points!


    Dive deep into how Nugget, Overall Actions, Inner Obstacles, Outer Obstacles and Beats work together to inform rewrites and Plot Points. Then go one step further and identify the Set-Up, Point of No Return (PNR), Crisis and Plot Point in your scene/script. It's time to put all the pieces together!

  • 5. NUGGET 1 & 2

    Unearth the "Meaning Motor" of your story! Here you can unpack the concept of Nugget (AKA theme). Understanding Nugget is key to The Technique™. Use it to create meaningful structures for your narrative, doc, podcast, brand, and more.

  • 6. Beats 1-3

    Structure is Music. Learn how to get with the Beat and make your scenes SING! Use these practical tools to structure your film or episodic, unleash authentic performances, and express your directorial vision.

Benefits of JSFL Modules

  • Extended Access!
  • Significant Savings! 
  • Dive into a Live Lab at a reduced rate!
  • Activate and pause access to your Module at your convenience. 
  • Toggle back and forth between Labs to revisit concepts and deepen learning. 
  • Guidance and Support from the JSFL Team. 
  • Access to the JSFL Slack Community and Generators. Meet, connect and work with like-minded artists!