Structural gold.


BEATS 1: THE CLASSICS is an Alumni Only, Advanced Online Course, that dives into classic plays and movies to reveal the hidden architecture that makes the great scenes tick. Led by Joan Scheckel, Executive Producer of Beginners, Producer of I Love Dick, Consulting Producer of Transparent, and the creator of The Technique™BEATS 1: THE CLASSICS breaks down scenes from the Greeks, to show you structure at its most clear and conscious!


When writing, directing or acting, it’s tempting to go for a perfect, polished "bit". But this chops up the thought of the scene, making it difficult to shoot, edit, pace - plus it’s tough for the audience to follow!


Use these practical tools to structure your film or episodic, unleash authentic performances, and express your directorial vision. 

In one essential, craft-packed weekend learn how to:

  1. Outline the Actions that really determine the Beats and rhythm of a scene

  2. Delineate Beats from Mini Beats and Moments

  3. Structure your screenplay with rhythm and pacing

Structure is music. Learn how to get with the Beat and make your scenes SING!


Whether you are Directing, Writing, Acting, or Producing, The Technique™ is essential in taking your career to the next level.


  1. Rigorous professional upleveling
  2. Clear, concentrated work on the crucial element of Structure: BEATS
  3. Lecture and physical-based curriculum support-integration and insight
  4. Online Labs allow the opportunity to study on your own schedule, and at your own pace
  5. Access to media links for one full month
  6. Connect with your JSFL Alumni Community Network through Slack, Happy Hours, Generators, Mega Generators and Weekly Ongoing Classes! Practice the tools you are learning, and workshop your material with talented, open hearted, and like-minded creatives
  7. Build a vibrant creative community that holds space and inspires each other
  8. Dynamic, personalized, interactive experiences with your colleagues allow you to practice the tools you are learning, and apply them to your own work


Live Online via Thinkific.


The Tuition per participant is: $1,625


Enroll directly via the checkout at the bottom of the page



  1. There are no cancellations or refunds after booking.

  2. Students are responsible for payment in full whether or not they chose to attend all class sessions.

  3. Media links will be available for one month.

  4. Extender passes are available should you wish to access media links for longer than one month.



  1. Sweats, yoga clothes (no jeans), and sneakers - as if you were going to the gym.

  2. No belts, earrings, or jewelry please. We want you to protect your bodies during floor work!

  3. Please note the lab is physical, you are free to observe at your comfort level. Please be respectful of your body and do not participate in the physical work if you have any physical injuries, illness, are on any medications, or are pregnant.



  1. These are advanced classes for professional artists interested in exploring new practices, pushing their boundaries, and going deep.

  2. The Labs are physical.

  3. The work is feeling-based.

  4. Please note you may find the work to be uncomfortable. 

  5. There will be a mix of lectures and active exercises designed to investigate the meaning, structure, and emotional core of your project.

  6. You are welcome to observe or participate according to your comfort level. You will get just as much out of observing as participating.



Whether you are Directing, Writing, Acting, or Producing, The Technique™ is essential in taking your career to the next level! The Lab Series is designed for Film, Episodic, Commercial, and all content creators. It may be attended individually… or by the entire team. 

  1. Directors

  2. Writers 

  3. Actors 

  4. Producers 

  5. Executives

  6. Production 

  7. Designers 

  8. Cinematographers

  9. Editors

  10. Brand Directors

  11. Any creatives interested in Story!



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