PLOT is a full-on, craft-intensive workshop designed to take your screenplay to the next level. It reveals the core storytelling tool essential to The Technique™: PLOT Points. Slow down and go deep with PLOT itself, learn exactly what PLOT is, and how to structure your story in a clear, compelling way that lands not just in the mind, but in the heart. 

Come learn how to clarify your story structure and put your PLOT on the page (write it), in the performance (block it), and on the screen (shoot it)!

Throughout this Self-Guided Lab, you will learn:

Structure is action.  Plot is a roller coaster ride through a Truth. Learn how to: 

  1. Use action to build a PLOT that is gettable and visceral
  2. Create PLOT using actions that earn MEANING, not conflict
  3. Spot and avoid the common sand traps that erode PLOT

PLOT or not.  Embody PLOT Points. Learn how to:  

  1. Deliver PLOT Points in your writing, acting, and directing
  2. Use tools and exercises to get the PLOT out of your head and onto the screen
  3. Create PLOT through multiple relationships, not just the binary of antagonist, and protagonist

Land your PLOT Points.  Take the ride. Once you’ve got the basics of PLOT points, action, relationship and meaning, put it all together. Learn how to:

  1. Keep the story moving forward, so it doesn’t flatline, repeat or fall apart
  2. Know when you’ve actually got a PLOT that WORKS
  3. Connect to your audiences through action surprise, feeling, and truth

These fundamental skills are central to Joan's work on hits like Transparent, Little Miss Sunshine, Beginners, and Whale Rider, and many more. Now you can experience The Technique™ and profoundly connect to the feeling, emotional depth, and rhythm of your story.


  1. Rigorous professional upleveling
  2. Focused, deep dive on the core of the structure of story: PLOT 
  3. Lecture and physical based curriculum support integration and insight
  4. Online Labs allow the opportunity to study on your own schedule, and at your own pace
  5. Access to media links for one full month
  6. Connect with your JSFL Alumni Community Network through Slack, Happy Hours, Generators, Mega Generators and Weekly Ongoing Classes! Practice the tools you are learning, and workshop your material with talented, open hearted, and like-minded creatives
  7. Build a vibrant creative community that holds space and inspires each other
  8. Dynamic, personalized, interactive experiences with your colleagues allow you to practice the tools you are learning, and apply them to your own work


Online. Anytime. Anywhere.


The Tuition per participant is: $1,625

We love teams that want to take the Lab together, because working as a team gets everyone on the same page and that is key to keeping your shoots on time and under budget! Should you choose to study with your team, please note the tuition price is per participant, not per group. We offer group incentives - email us to inquire!

  1. You may pay by credit card.
  2. Payment Plans are available.


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