A JSFL Study Program to access the emotional core of your work.

Your unique way of seeing the World

You want this to be infused in your Work, your Characters, your Vision.  

In Your Writing

In Your Acting.

In Your Directing

In Your Producing

Introducing the FEELING MODULE, featuring over 65 hours of course material!

Your Key to unlocking the Authentic, Emotional Core of your Work. 


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  1. FEELING: Self-Guided*
  3. IN A WORLD: Self-Guided
  4. PACE: Self-Guided*
  5. SHAKESPEARE: Self-Guided

*FEELING and PACE are taking place Live in Los Angeles in 2024. Dive in Live at a reduced rate! 


Each of the Labs in this Module have been carefully curated to work together like a lego set - each one building on the tools that were learned in the one before. By the time you have completed this Module, you will know how to dive into the core of your Story, the World you want to create and the Vision you want to share with your audience. 


  • 1. FEELING

    This is the heart of The Technique™. Connect to the authentic, emotional core of your work. Learn what Feeling is, and how to practically access it with truth and immediacy. Apply it to character, action and journey to create unforgettable stories and performances!


    A key dynamic of The Technique's™ approach to story, the qualities of your characters Nature and Backstory - knowing the difference and carving each one out clearly - are essential to creating a strong story structure.

  • 3. IN A WORLD

    In this deep dive Accelerator Lab, Joan lays out how to use the "In a World" exercise, which can be used to: Identify Overall Actions. Identify Relationships. How both connect to the Nugget. Clarify Story Points. Reveal where the "issues" are in your story, which can then lead to effective re-writes/re-structures.

  • 4. PACE

    PACE and entertainment are connected through Rhythm. This Lab is a PARTY that teaches you how to hook your audience from the word go, keep em on the ride, at the edge of their seat, from vivid start to visceral middle to rock solid ending. Leave your audience breathless, THINKING, and thrilled to be ALIVE in the most profound sense. That’s entertainment. That’s PACE.


    This Lab is critical for creators looking to break form and MAKE CHANGE! Learn how the Master used Feeling, Sound, Rhythm, Meter, Breath, Punctuation, Repetition, Antithesis, Contrast, and Action to give instant revelation with heart-pounding bad-assness. A tonic for those needing pure passion and emotional truth!

Benefits of JSFL Modules

  • Extended Access!
  • Significant Savings! 
  • Dive into a Live Lab at a reduced rate!
  • Activate and pause access to your Module at your convenience. 
  • Toggle back and forth between Labs to revisit concepts and deepen learning. 
  • Guidance and Support from the JSFL Team. 
  • Access to the JSFL Slack Community and Generators. Meet, connect and work with like-minded artists!