What makes great entertainment? It’s about rhythm, it’s about joy, it’s about get up and dance, boogie to the truth, feel all the feels, move it to the left, slide it to the right, make the loop de loop and GET DOWN to the beat  -

It’s about PACE.  

PACE and entertainment are connected through Rhythm. PACE is a PARTY that teaches you how to hook your audience from go, keep em on the ride, at the edge of their seat, from vivid start to visceral middle to rock solid ending. Leave your audience breathless, THINKING, and thrilled to be ALIVE in the most profound sense. That’s entertainment. That’s PACE.

So how do you bring PACE to your project?

This 3 day weekend intensive reveals the core tools of The Technique™ that make Transparent swing, Little Miss Sunshine drive, Beginners move and Whale Rider soar! Now it's YOUR turn to learn the same game changing tools used by the creators of these award winning films and tv shows!

PACE is a bit of a lost art, so it’s easy to forget that the PACE must be on the page. You cannot fix it on the day, or in the edit, without compromising the beating heart of your story. Often the writing, acting and directing can flatline. Everything becomes equally fast or equally slow or equal to whatever it's equal to. Taught by Joan Scheckel, master teacher and creator of The Technique™,  PACE shows you how to leave the flatline behind and build a roller coaster ride through a Truth!

This 3 day Workshop reveals:

  • The 4 Essentials of PACE

  • The 7 Essentials of Rhythm

  • How to define the Architecture of your scene

  • How to connect Rhythm and Journey

  • How to make work that really SINGS!

A great director is a great conductor! PACE is pure musical fun. Come learn why The Technique™ influenced films and tv shows have earned over 1000 nominations and 500 wins at the Oscars, Emmys, Sundance and more. Crucial for writers, actors, directors, and producers wanting to make an impact and breakthrough!


Mastering PACE is what marks a great storyteller, a visionary director and a thrilling actor. The first night breaks down the relationship between Action, Feeling, and Rhythm.

  • Learn the 4  Essentials of PACE

  • Connect to the emotional core of your work

  • Discover how the musical principles behind The Technique™ can revolutionize your narrative drive

Day 2:  EMBODY

A great director is a great conductor! Day 2 uses Movement and Music to reveal the architectural building blocks of PACE.

  • Learn the 7 Essentials of Rhythm

  • Embody the 7 Essentials and make them your own

  • Understand the connections between story, rhythm, music and arc

  • Practice the Tools of PACE needed to craft a masterful film or episodic

Day 3. APPLY

Put PACE into Play! Day 3 applies the principles you've learned to scene work so you can see how it all ticks! Learn how to viscerally map a scene, series, or movie!

  • Break a scene down into Beats

  • Add the 4 Essentials of PACE

  • Define Plot Points - and understand how Pace is used to bring them life

  • Learn how PACE relates with the Emotional Logic of your story (5 point Journey)

  • Discover how rhythm is used to craft the scene in specific and the story overall


PACE:  Sept 20-23, 2024

  1. Friday 09/20 - 6:00pm-10:00pm PT
  2. Saturday 09/21 - 1:00pm-7:00pm PT
  3. Sunday 09/22 - 1:00pm-7:00pm PT
  4. Monday 09/23 - 7:00pm-10:30pm PT - Online Q & A



  1. Live - Hands On: Join the Lab in Los Angeles for an in person experience. 
  2. Live - Online: Join the Lab via Zoom and participate remotely from all over the world! Find out more about the live online experience HERE.


MiMoDa Studio

5774 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019


  1. Whether you are a New Student or a JSFL Alum, contact us via email or the Inquiry Form to Apply and Register for this Lab.
  2. Class size is limited.
  3. You will be placed on a waitlist should the Lab be at capacity. 


The course is designed for professionals who wish to bring their skills to the next level.

  1. Standard Live - Hands On: $2,860
  2. Live - Online: $1,825

We love teams and groups that want to take the Lab together! Should you choose to study with your team, please note the tuition price is per participant, not per group. 

  1. You may pay by credit card.
  2. Payment Plans are available.
  3. Feel free to email us with questions!


  1. Participants benefit from extended access to the course via media links for two weeks after the Lab ends. This allows you to review and process the material at your own pace.
  2. Media links will be uploaded to Thinkific and available for two weeks. 


  1. These are advanced classes for professional artists interested in exploring new practices, pushing their boundaries, and going deep.
  2. The Labs are physical.
  3. The work is feeling-based.
  4. Please note you may find the work to be uncomfortable. 
  5. There will be a mix of lecture and active exercises designed to investigate the meaning, structure and emotional core of your project.
  6. You are welcome to observe or participate according to your comfort level, whether you are in person, or online.


  1. There are no cancellations or refunds after booking.
  2. Students are responsible for payment in full whether or not they chose to attend all class sessions.
  3. Students who sign up for live online, or live in person and are unable to attend live, may make up the classes they miss via media links. Media links are available for two weeks after the lab. 
  4. Extender passes are available should you wish to access media links  longer than two weeks.


The Technique™ is the first, and only, entirely new approach to dramatic craft to be developed since The Method. A paradigm shifting approach to writing, directing and acting, The Technique throws out conflict as the source of story - and instead puts Meaning at the core.

The Technique™ is now the most influential craft utilized in Hollywood, impacting scores of groundbreaking films and tv shows, including Whale Rider, Little Miss Sunshine, Beginners and Transparent. Joan created the tools of The Technique™ through her own search for meaning in story, and evolved them by working closely on 84 features with first time or early career writer/directors. 


Writer/Director/Producer/Teacher Joan Scheckel is the internationally-renowned creator of The Technique™, the most influential new approach to writing, directing, and filmmaking craft in Hollywood today. Joan is known as the “director’s guru” and a master teacher in the tradition of Stanislavski, Strasberg, and Joseph Campbell. Joan’s groundbreaking work challenges our cultural addiction to conflict and calls for a new storytelling paradigm that embraces feeling and meaning. Her innovations inform every level of the Mise-en-scène, from writing, acting, and directing to visual style.

Joan trains and then teams with directors to develop, workshop, write, direct and produce material from the ground up. Including such iconic hits as: Niki Caro’s Oscar Nominee Whale Rider, Dayton/Faris’s Oscar Winner Little Miss Sunshine, Mike Mills’s Oscar Winner Beginners (Executive Producer), Joey Soloway’s Emmy Winner Transparent (Consulting Producer), Joey Soloway’s Golden Globe Nominee I Love Dick (Producer), Sarah Shapiro’s Peabody Award Winner UnREAL, Rupert Sanders’s Oscar Nominee Snow White and the Huntsman, Nick Jarecki’s Golden Globe Nominee Arbitrage, Sacha Gervasi’s Spirit Award Winner Anvil Story of Anvil, Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation, Mark Romanek’s One Hour Photo, Miranda July’s The Future, (New Yorker Magazine Best of the Decade List), Liz Feldman’s Emmy Award Winner, Dead To Me, Anna Winger and Alexa Karolinski’s Unorthodox, and many, many more.

Joan was also co-writer on The Vintner’s Luck, directed by Niki Caro (Mulan), starring Jeremie Renier and Vera Farmiga.

Overall, Joan has worked on 84 feature films and television shows. 74 came to her with unfinished drafts, no financing or cast, and with first-time or early-career writers/directors at the helm. 83 have been released, earning over 800 nominations and 406 wins including major category nods at the Oscars, Spirits, Golden Globes, Sundance, Cannes, Bafta, Emmys, PGA, DGA, etc. 

Joan has been profiled and featured for her work and her influence on a generation of directors in many articles and publications such as: NYTimes, LA Times, Marie Claire, Deadline, Indiewire, Vox, IF Magazine, California Sunday, The New York Observer, and more.

Now, Joan is poised to create a slate of books, films, labs (live and online), podcasts, and apps.


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