A 3 part, step by step, Self-Guided Sequenced Study Program. 

Each Directing Lab takes concepts from Core Labs of The Technique and puts them into the rehearsal space with actors and scripts.

This professional Program is designed for those that have taken some or all of the Core Labs: FEELING, ACTION & JOURNEY.

New to The Technique™? Checkout the DIRECT YOUR HIT! Toolkit: A 5 Lab, Self-Guided Program that includes 2 Core Labs and 3 Directing Labs.

While we recommend that you take these Labs in the order shown below, it is not a requirement. 

Why study the entire Series?

  1. Benefit from a 5% break in tuition ($243.75 Savings!)
  2. As a Gratitude Benefit when you Pay-in-Full, receive 10% off Tuition ($487.50 Savings!)
  3. 3 months access to all course materials 
  4. Toggle between each course at your convenience

Inquire HERE or email us to discuss the entire Directing Series.  

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