A real time development system for your movie or episodic! 

This BRAND NEW SERIES shows you how to put the 5 Key Scenes of your Story on its feet!

Learn how to craft the entire journey of your story as you* Write, Rehearse, Direct and Shoot your original material with Joan.

Study Live in Los Angeles, Live Online or Self Guided - this 5 Part Series delivers tools to clarify your rewrites, unleash your performances and bring your visual style to life!

All in attendance will have the rare opportunity to watch fellow directors work, build a creative community that holds space and inspires each other, be involved in rehearsals, and have access to all the curated documents to apply the tools to their own material!

This is the Lab Series that led to the hits that The Technique™ is known for - and it's back, for one time only, after a decade. 

*A limited number of Hands On Scene students will get the opportunity to have their material worked on in class with Joan (Apply Today!). 

In DIRECTING 1 you took the tools of FEELING, ACTION and JOURNEY and learned how to approach:

  1. Rehearsing with actors
  2. Communicating your vision to your collaborators
  3. Writing
  4. Re-Writing
  5. Putting a scene on it's feet
  6. Shooting a scene and developing a directorial visual style

You have the concepts - now it's time to:

  1. Craft the entire Journey of your movie or episodic
  2. Shoot the 5 key scenes from your script
  3. Unleash actors performances in rehearsal and on the shoot day
  4. Discover your Directorial Visual Style and Tone
  5. Add the layers of
    1. Location 
    2. Character
    3. Camera Blocking 
    4. Tone
    5. Pace
    6. Troubleshooting
    7. Happy Accidents
    8. Visual Style
  6. Practice "Prep, Rehearse, Shoot!"
  7. Get tips on how to work with actors on the day, take after take
  8. Discover how to "hide" the tools of the Technique by using language that works with every member of your team - whether they have studied the Technique or not.
  9. BRAND NEW CURRICULUM! Homeworks, Rehearsal Templates, Guides for your shoot day, support on how to present your work and learn from it!  This Series is designed by Joan specifically for JSFL Alumni to bring your movies and episodics into the world!

This is real-time development of your project. 

By the end of DIRECTING 2 you will have prepped the 5 key scenes that land the Journey of your Story!

Joan won't be giving these Labs Live again. 

Class size is limited. Sign up today!

Directing 2: Lab Accelerator Pack!

Deepen your learning!
Prep your 5 Key Scenes for the Directing 2 Series.


  1. DIRECTING 2: SET UP - Self-Guided
  2. DIRECTING 2: POINT OF NO RETURN - April 19-22nd, 2024
  3. DIRECTING 2: CRISIS - July 19-22nd, 2024
  4. DIRECTING 2: EVOLUTION - Oct 18-21st, 2024
  5. DIRECTING 2: THE END - Dec 13-16th, 2024

Email the team to register for the entire DIRECTING 2 Series!

Note: If you are interested in Live - Hands On Scene (Hot Seat) spots - email us to discuss 

Questions? We have answers.

1. "I missed DIRECTING 1 but want to dive in to DIRECTING 2 Live!"

Great! Our team can work with you to make sure you are ready to dive in! Email Us and we can get you started!

2. "I've taken DIRECTING 1!"

Amazing! Before things kick off in December, Joan has put together a set of One Day Accelerators that will help prepare you to dive in to DIRECTING 2! 

All of these Accelerators will drill down on the Journey of your story - which is what DIRECTING 2 will be focusing on. 

These are Hands-On, in-depth Labs with Joan. It's an incredible opportunity to work in such an intimate setting on original Alumni material!

  1. IN A WORLDSelf-Guided - Clarify Story Points and how they land together in a way that is compelling and coherent in this deep, effective Accelerator!
  2. CHARACTER: NATURE & BACKSTORYSelf-Guided: Nature & Backstory of a Character. The relationship between these two qualities is what drives the Journey of your movie. But the difference between the two can be elusive. Through lecture and guided writing, you will get clarity on this pivotal part of your script. 
  3. RELATIONSHIP SET UP: Self-Guided: In this powerful one day Accelerator, Joan will lead you through how to track the relationships in the Set-Up scene of your story.

3. "I missed DIRECTING 1 and I want it now!"

Fantastic, click the image below and let's get you going!