A real time development system for your Film or Episodic.

Welcome to The DIRECTING 2 Series

Learn how to craft the entire journey of your story as you write, rehearse, direct and shoot your original material with Joan.  

This is the Lab Series that led to the beloved hits that The Technique™ is known for, including Whale Rider, Little Miss Sunshine, Beginners, Transparent and many more - and it's back, for one time only, after a decade. 


This is the moment where there is no turning back. The story gets "launched" here. It's where the plane takes off. 

This pivotal scene is often lost; Set-Ups often are way too long, and then the audience is hurled into the Crisis. Or everything is thrown into the Set-Up beat, with hopes that the audience will get hooked on some exciting piece of action. 

What you want to think about in the POINT OF NO RETURN is the meaning of your story, where it is going to end up, and how you are engaging people in meaning from the beginning. We don't need to know the ending here - but we need to know something has begun. 


  1. Rigorous professional upleveling and a rare chance to see original material come to life 
  2. Learn tools to clarify your rewrites, unleash your performances and create your unique visual style 
  3. Rare opportunity to watch fellow directors prep, rehearse and shoot
  4. Build a vibrant creative community that holds space and inspires each other
  5. Access to our exclusive, curated community of incredibly talented JFSL Alumni
  6. Find creative connections and support with like-minded artists from the Lab via Slack, Happy Hours, Ongoing Classes/Generators, and Alumni Meetups (both on Zoom and In-Person.)
  7. Dynamic, personalized, interactive experiences with your colleagues allow you to practice the tools you are learning, and apply them to your own work
  8. Access to all the curated documents to apply the tools to your own material
  9. Media links will be available for two weeks post Lab so you can dive deeper into the concepts and get the most out of your work


Online. Anytime. Anywhere.


This Lab is designed for professional artists who want to take their craft to the next level.

The Tuition per participant is: $1,625

Credit cards accepted & Payment Plans are available.

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